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The filtering process for the Stone Pure Water Filter is performed by a 6 stage filter. The stages are strategically placed to eliminate contaminants in the proper order to achieve the incredible results that the filter is achieving. The filter stages are constructed of different materials in order to remove different contaminants and to add healthy elements back into the water so that the resulting water is clean and has an appealing taste, like nature intended.

The Stone Pure Water Filter is removes all contaminants larger than 1 micron or µm, which is one millionth of a meter.

Construction of the Alkaline Stone Pure Water Filter.
Construction of the Alkaline Stone Pure Water Filter.

Stage 1
The first filter is the top stone, which is designed to strip all impurities from the water. This process removes most of the impurities and requires the most amount of time. It is like the filtering process of the earth. 100% natural.

The top stone is composed of finely ground stone, ground to a fine powder. This allows almost no space for water to flow without being stopped and filtered by the stone. The stone is bound together with a patented formula that also inhibits bacteria growth. The stone in designed to last for a lifetime and can be cleaned easily with mild abrasive cloth.

Stage 2
The second filter is KDF 55, or GOLD as it is called, was developed by NASA for the space station to keep water free from bacteria while it is stored.

The third filter in the system is a black filter which is made up of  50% granular activated carbon and 50% ground coconut. Also added to this mixture is a percentage of KSF # 85 to kill any bacteria that may have managed to passed through the first filter.

Stage 4
The fourth filter, which additionally mineralize by adding minerals to the now clean water, is constructed of Maifanite.  This is a stone that will expel minerals for literally decades into water.

Stage 5
The fifth filter is coral calcium or coral sand, the same as in the vitamin by the same name.

Stage 6
The Sixth filter is Celestine or Japanese health stone.

Note : this filter was designed to clean polluted water in countries where pure water was not even a thought. Africa. Mexico, Guam etc. It requires no new filters only the occasional cleaning.


Most water filters are designed to reduce or remove chlorine and reduce some heavy metals, organic and inorganic chemicals, turbidity, dirt, rust, sediment etc. These contaminants affect the color, taste and odor of your drinking water and make it unpleasant to drink. The long-term cumulative effect of these contaminants can be far worse to your health than just affecting the taste and odor of your water. Many of these contaminants have been shown to have clear links to serious illness and diseases including many forms of cancer. Therefore it is of great importance to choose a filter system with the ability to remove as high a percentage of these as possible.



Sterilization is the removal of biological life forms commonly found in tap water. Whilst our water supply is treated initially, it is not uncommon for the water to become contaminated again between the time of processing treatment and when it get to you. Common pathogens found in water: E.Coli Giardia Cryptosporidium Viruses These contaminants can have an impact on your health, both immediate and long term. The effects can range from slight discomfort to gastrointestinal illnesses, nausea (vomiting), diarrhea, cramps and other symptoms. Dependent on the age and state of health of the person affected, these pathogens can be very serious & potentially fatal in the case of infants, elderly & immune supressed. With this in mind it is critical to ensure that when looking at a water filtration system that is has the ability to both remove these contaminants and inhibit (prevent) the propagation of bacteria in the water (Many common filter systems are unable to meet these needs).



Removing harmful and undesirable substances from your water is a great place to start and many filter systems do an adequate job of this and a few are highly efficient. Removing these contaminants is of paramount importance as already established, however this is only half the job as far as our body’s needs are concerned. Most tap, filtered and bottled water is inadequate for the job required and we are unable to use a great percentage of this water, leaving us without properly hydrating at a cellular level.

Activation is critical to giving the body the water it needs to hydrate properly, without proper hydration our body starts to break down and under perform.

They key points to activating water and benefits are: Action Benefit Adding trace minerals Minerals are nutrients that support all major organ function, bone density, cell tissue formation and communications. Slightly alkaline water helps to remove waste matter from cell tissues and blood. Living energetic water helps to stimulate cellular activity and regeneration. Magnetized (structured water) helps the water to be absorped into blood stream and cellular tissues, thereby increasing cellular hydration.


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